Winter 2018 Conference- Reentry into Society

The Winter 2018 Conference on Reentry into Society was an intriguing and successful event for NRA MetroNY Chapter. Kudos to the board for pulling this off!

Acces-VR office in Brooklyn hosted the conference and the NRA MetroNY Chapter board was privileged for this opportunity and grateful for the hospitality.

We had highly accomplished presenters who have been relentless advocates for the rights of people with disabilities. This conference focused on particular issues that people with disabilities, especially Veterans and women, face in reintegrating into society following felony conviction/incarceration.

The Commissioner of NYC Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD) discussed the department’s strides towards making NYC more accessible and improving employment opportunities for New Yorkers with disabilities; through various programs, initiatives, and MOUs with educational  institutions and employers.

The other presenters were from USDVA’s Chapter 31 program; The Doe Fund, Competitive Edge Careers, Hunter College’s School of Education, and Green Hope Services for Women

Most of the participants were vocational rehabilitation counselors from Acces-VR and US Department of Veterans Affairs, along with other professionals in the field of rehabilitation and life long advocates for people with disabilities. The board extends their gratitude for their attendance and continued support for NRA MetroNY Chapter.

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