The Metropolitan New York Chapter carries out its purpose to advocate, as a local chapter of the National Rehabilitation Association (NRA), for the ethical and enlightened rehabilitation of all persons with disabilities with the goal of personal and economic independence (Mission of NRA) through the following objectives:

providing members of the NRA and all its Divisions with up-to-date information and opportunities for growth to keep them on the cutting edge of their rehabilitation practice.
educating the general public (including those who work in the business and nonprofit communities, in all levels of government, and in academia) on issues critical to persons with disabilities and to the rehabilitation professionals who serve them.
encouraging the entry of competent and humanitarian individuals to be rehabilitation professionals and supporting training opportunities required to make them effective practitioners.
fostering excellence in rehabilitation practice through a system of awards to individuals, programs, and organizations that exemplify ethical and enlightened rehabilitation.
advising NRA members and would-be members of the benefits in joining NRA.
taking whatever other appropriate actions that achieve the Mission of NRA.