Counselor Wellness

On January 14, 2009 the Metro Chapter of the National Rehabilitation Association conducted our first training conference addressing the topic of Counselor Wellness.  We followed up with another conference on March 21, 2009 addressing similar concerns in response to the positive reaction of our membership. These conferences confirmed our suspicions that in times of extreme stress it’s important for counselors to take care of themselves in order to be better prepared to assist others (our consumers) with the challenges they encounter in their lives.

Below are links that could provide assistance on how to incorporate strategies or ideas as to how we can all stay in touch with assessing or improving our wellness as professional counselor. (Disclaimer – The links below are for informational purposes only. The National Rehabilitation Association has no affiliations or connections with these resources.

Creating Counselor Wellness

“Taking care of yourself as a counselor” Counseling Today Journal

“Personal Wellness Plan As A Counselor”

The Resiliency Center- Your Place for Healing, Education and Community


“Life’s Disruptions Happen: Do Your Employees Have High Levels of Well-Being?”








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